Oisin O'Keffe

HBA Coach

Sleek. Stylish. Sensational.

Harder Than You Think -Public Enemy

Coach Oisin shares an ethos of continuous improvement.

His sessions hone in on incremental refinement of your boxing style, targeted to clear your mind to focus on punching it out after a tough day.

“When you walk into a boxing session, all your worries melt away - the power of the punchbag is amazing for the mind!”.

Train with Coach Oisin if you want to feel like you improve with each and every session.

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1-1 pad work with coaches and strength and conditioning work

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The Importance Of Shadowboxing

Be prepared to look silly. The sillier you look the better. Shadowboxing plays a crucial role in the development of boxing technique. If you’re willing to embrace it for all its foolishness, you’ll see your skills grow exponentially.

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