Niamh's boxing journey with hba

John's boxing journey with hba

Caragh's boxing journey with hba

Niamh's boxing journey with hba

Phenomenal guys, both display unbelievable attitude, commitment, leadership, and passion to all clients. Well worth the investment!

Sean O'Rourke

It's been a brilliant two years at HBA. If you haven't seen boxing gloves or even boxed before - 100% join and just give it a try.

Niamh O' Brien

I never enjoyed working out until I found the HBA. These workouts are so hard but so good. Everyone should try a HBA boxing workout.

Marcus Connoly

It's hard work without realising how hard you're working. I never boxed before joining HBA, I was addicted after my first time. Pad work is the best learning experience. I just love doing the classes, love coming in, learning and the social aspect of HBA.

John Diamond

I have done lots of classes before but nothing compares to a boxing workout. The workout and studios are amazing, I'm addicted!

Nessa Kilgallen

HBA coaches are really nice, and their studios are welcoming, fun and social. It's really tough but also a very good workout.

Caragh O Brien

No class is the same, a good mix of exercises. Just go for a class - you won't look back! The coaches, pad work and atmosphere are my favourites.

Niamh Ruane