5 Reasons To Do A Live Online Class

5 Reasons To Do A Live Online Class
A lot has changed from the days of going to a class and hitting pads with the coaches.

Now a webcam overshadows you in your living where you try not to damage furniture as you swing wild punches without any regard for sweating all over the carpet.

It’s not what we’re used to and if you’re still thinking that this isn’t for you, here are some reasons that might just change your mind.

1. Accountability:

Without that webcam overshadowing you, you’re on your own.

When you’re on your own, maybe you’re the type of person to sit a round out, or to do a plank lying down flat, or to do a squat onto a couch without coming back up.

Without Paddy and Sean’s judgemental eyes looking over us, we’ve all done it.

Finding the willpower not to quit can be more exhausting than the workout itself. Save yourself the energy and switch the webcam on.

2. Reimmerse Yourself In The HBA Community:

A large part of coming to class, for a lot of people, was to see familiar and friendly faces.

Even if that wasn’t why you were there, I’m sure we would all like to see some new faces at the moment.

Friendly or not will do. And at the HBA, us coaches are equally happy to see you. A live class is a pleasant revisit to the atmosphere of old.

3. Keep Developing Your Skills:

A live class is the only way for the coaches to see your technique at the moment so make sure you’re still doing everything the right way and listen out for any tips we have to shout at you.

Don’t let your boxing technique take a turn.

4. Get Competitive:

There’s sure to be a challenge in every class so get pumped up for it.

There’s no better way of getting more out of your workout than when you’re in direct competition with anyone else.

Of course, you don’t have to compete in the challenges if they’re not your thing but if you’re feeling confident and have something to prove, here’s your opportunity.

You might even want to take on the coaches.

5. Lastly, live means live.

You can’t push it back to a further time and you can’t pause it to finish later. Get in the moment for a 45-minute slot and don’t think about what you have on before or after. Leave the programming up to us and see it as a time out in your day that you’ll be pleased with yourself for committing to.

Maybe any one of these reasons is enough to do it for you. You’ll only know once you’ve tried it. Log in and see what you think.