Sean Headon

Founding Coach

Positive. Committed. Hardworking.

Listening To: Workout -J. Cole

Founding Coach Sean is a previous Leinster and Irish Champion boxer and is a qualified IABA boxing coach.

After a stint in the corporate world, boxing was calling him back and he founded HBA with twin brother Paddy.

“People are here to have fun first and box second!”.

Creating a friendly and encouraging atmosphere is at the core of all his training sessions - that doesn't mean training with him will be easy though. Get ready to sweat!

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1-1 pad work with coaches and strength and conditioning work

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What I Wish I Knew About Boxing Before I Started

Long before I first put on a pair of boxing gloves, I was a boxing fan. A man called Floyd Mayweather had managed to capture my attention when I was a kid. Like so many young boys I was drawn to a sporting figure who could draw up a big paycheque.

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