Evan Thornley

HBA Coach

Innovative. Energetic. Intense.

Any 90's Throwback -Smash Hits

Coach Evan is not afraid to try new things, with almost a decade of boxing experience he really has seen it all!

“I always add in a bit of HIIT and Conditioning to create a well-rounded session.”

Training with Evan is always hard, but always fun and he prides himself on being able to bring an intensity and energy to a session that will leave you feeling like a champion.

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Signature Session

Our most popular class! One-on-one pad-work and bag work.

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10 Rounds

The Best Class If You're Looking To Lose Weight or Get Fit.

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HBA Sprint and Burn

Focuses on Toning The Body and Shredding Weight.

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Evan’s 5 Tips To Start Your Day During Lockdown

If you’re not sick of the living room or your bedroom yet, credit to you. If the prospect of going for the same 2 kilometre walk around your house for the second time every day still excites you, well I’m impressed.

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