Ethan Baxter

HBA Coach

Energetic. Enthusiastic. Balance.

Look Back At It -Tiesto Remix

Ethan is the kind of coach that will give you a killer workout, test your limits, and cheer you on the whole way through.

A long time love of Sports and Exercise, enhanced by his studies in same at University College Dublin, Ethan brings the perfect mix of hard work and reward.

“Train with me if you want to feel like you earned those drinks at the weekend”.

It’s all about balance with Coach Ethan.

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Signature Session

Our most popular class! One-on-one pad-work and bag work.

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10 Rounds

Our original HBA workout, designed like a boxing fight - is sure to raise your heart rate!

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5 Reasons To Do A Live Online Class

A lot has changed from the days of going to a class and hitting pads with the coaches. Now a webcam overshadows you in your living where you try not to damage furniture as you swing wild punches without any regard for sweating all over the carpet.

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